Top 10 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Top 10 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

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The Best Ways To Help Students Overcome Procrastination – An Overview

Everyone has put off a task at some point in their life. But have you ever questioned why you—or others—procrastinate? While some view it (in themselves or other people) as laziness, there might be something else at play.

While that may be true for some, more recent research suggests procrastination is linked with difficulty in managing discomfort. Specifically, it seems that task aversion is to blame. When people view a task in a bothersome manner (“It will be tough, boring, painful…”), they are more likely to put it off.

Procrastination can lead to increased stress, health problems, and more mediocre performance. Procrastinators tend to have more sleep issues and experience more immense stressful regret than non-procrastinators. What’s more, procrastination can also hinder your self-esteem with guilt, shame, or self-critical thoughts that can result from putting off tasks. If you grapple with putting things off, try any of these tips to get you on track: One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate is because they catastrophize or make a huge deal out of something.

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Procrastination, on the other hand, is affiliated with stress—think of the stress you feel when you avoid making a phone call, you know you need to make. So keep things in viewpoint: “Sure, this is not my favorite task, but I can get through it.” Procrastinators focus more on short-term gains (avoiding the distress associated with the task), as opposed to long-term results (the stress of not doing it, as well as the consequences of avoiding this task).

For example; consider how much money you will make by selling the items on eBay, or how those in need will feel when they receive these items as donations. If it is an exercise program you have been avoiding, focus on how exercising will help you have more positive energy, boost self-esteem, and serve as a great role model for your children.

You need to schedule when you are going to work on a project and lock-in that time, just as you would a crucial meeting. And when it is time to do your work, set a timer to focus on the entire allotted time. You have set yourself up for success as you try to execute your schedule every single time.

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And look for ways to make it easier on yourself: If, for example, you are not a morning person, don’t expect yourself to get up an hour early to start the exercise program you have put off for months. It might be better to schedule that activity during lunch or before dinner.

So how can you break that task into smaller, more manageable parts? For example, if you want to write a book, you may choose to outline, identify each chapter, figure out the sections in the chapters, and then commit to writing one portion at a time. Chunking it down like this will help you feel less confused and more empowered.

Sure, it might be helpful to” be in the mood,” but waiting for that to happen can mean you never start your project. Establish specific deadlines for accomplishing a task. Then find someone who will help you be accountable. It could be a promise to your boss or client that you will complete the job by a specific date.

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Or find an accountability partner. In this relation, you connect with someone (on the phone, for example) at certain time intervals (such as once per week) and commit to what you will do before your next meeting. Not wanting to go back on your word, this can be a great way to squash procrastination.

You don’t want a lack of follow-through to cause tension between you. Your environment can help or hinder your productivity. Beware particularly of technology, such as your email or messenger that keeps pinging to let you know someone has reached out. Social media, internet “research” that leads you far off track and phone calls can lead to procrastination.

Establish a reward if—and only if—you do what you set out to do. Do not let yourself binge that new Netflix show, check your social media, or get lunch until you accomplish what you’ve scheduled. Instead of using these tasks and distractions to procrastinate, make them contingent on you finishing what you plan yourself to do.

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Thoughts such as “I should have started earlier” or “I always procrastinate; I am such a loser” will only make matters worse. Research shows that forgiving yourself for past procrastination will help you stop putting off working on a task. You can try to use previous procrastination to your advantage as well.

Then approach those obstacles in the present and future. If, for example, it was fear that added to your procrastination, what steps can you take to feel more empowered and less nervous next time? Perfectionism is all-or-nothing rationalizing: Something is either perfect, or it is a failure. People with perfectionistic tendencies tend to wait until things are complete to proceed. So, if it’s not perfect, you cannot be finished.

This all-or-nothing mentality can hold you back from starting or completing tasks. Instead, focus on being better than perfect. This means to strive for perfection, creating excellence, or setting yourself up with excellent conditions. Still, at the same time, you concentrate on getting the job done. #DoneIsBetterThanPerfect Make “someday” today.

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Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.— If you can answer at any given time, to any given person/question, without difficulty, you can go ahead with being a procrastinator. But if you love yourself and value your time, carefully put into practice all that you’ve learned in this article.