How Not to Be A LazyAss

How Not to Be A LazyAss

Sometimes i feel so fed up with feeling lazy and lethargic that i literally just start running. I have learned that if you can overcome your physical laziness, your mind follows immediately.

Make that one big decision to literally jump up and down and move your body or start doing lunges in the living room.

You will find, immediately, that you are more likely to think about working on a project or doing something that was being avoided.

Instead of feeling guilty because you are so lazy, you should instead learn practical ways to stop being lazy.

If you are lazy, it is because your body is not at its optimum level physically. It basically means that if you sit there and try to think of doing something big without taking action, it just won’t happen, no matter what it’s about.

It’s a great idea to listen to motivating audio while you’re getting stuff done. Build the discipline to go to the gym, even if you only stay for 5 minutes. But that does not mean you should listen to three hours of motivational lectures just to develop the courage to finish the job.

If you believe you can put stuff off and do them only when you want, you’re going to be disappointed in the end because reality doesn’t work that way. Do what you have to, even if you’re unwilling to do it. Don’t wait until you “want” because that moment never comes.

If you really want to change something, take a practical step to make it happen, and you will magically realise that lazing around is never the right choice. You may not always want to do it, but you have to because if you don’t, you will fail.

If you cannot do it correctly at first, try again, but do not move on, because inaction leads to more inaction. Once you stop waiting for it to happen and start taking steps to make it happen, nothing in the world could prevent it from happening.

You can be productive and make some rough prototypes and then perfect them, but don’t make a habit of creating trash. Do something you consider terribly hard even if you suck at it at first because sometimes you have to suck on something to get better.

Every time you think of something you want to do or achieve, you might feel compelled to work on it. I regularly feel so overwhelmed that even the simplest tasks seem like a challenge. Mostly when I’ve worked my butt off the previous week and, finally, after all the hard work, I just want to be lazy.

The point is that you will be successful at whatever you’re serious about doing. And, motivation should be at the very beginning of your strategy. See motivation as trash, and you will find it very difficult to achieve any meaningful goal.

There are days you won’t feel very motivated. Still, little steps like counting down from 5 and taking action once you get to one could prove an excellent technique in achieving your goals.

Start doing things that seem easier, and you will feel motivated enough to get far more tasking stuff done. And if you don’t succeed at first, it is okay as long as you’re willing to try again but you ”ultimately” most never give up.